The Governments Answer to Everything

Have you ever noticed that almost every problem the government decides to tackle, they go about it in the same way. Every problem for them has to have a complex answer that costs a lot and centralizes control over that problem.

Their answer too healthcare problems was a 2000 page healthcare bill. It will end up costing a lot more money than we spent before and everything is under the control of the Federal Government.

It doesn’t work, they spent billions on a website that didn’t work and people have worse coverage than they had before. The only thing the bill accomplishes is to give more power to the Federal government.

This is the way all of the governments solutions go. From cleaning up the environment to education to farm bills. Everything the government touches turns gold into garbage.

Most people won’t see it yet, but the government has used this approach long enough, that we as a country are completely broke. We can’t even dig our way out of the hole we are in, but politicians are promising even more goodies paid for by the government.

The only sane response would be to start shutting down parts of the government that we can’t afford. No body would get elected that would propose that, so our only course of action is to go forward until we crash into reality!

That will be a very painful reality and probably in the not too distant future. People don’t want to acknowledge it, but that will be our destiny.