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Sample Radio interview clip.

 List of Previous interviews

  1. KYNT with David Leonard
  2. 1380 The Big AM with Don Rosen  (2 times)
  3. The Don Briscoe show
  4. The Ed Tyll show (2 times)
  5. CKWR FM in Kitchener Onterio with John Maciel
  6. WTYM with David & Friends
  7. Late Night in the Midlands with Michael Vara (2  times)
  8. On the Street with Wayne Metrano
  9. Partyline with Vern & Ken
  10.  That was Zen, This is Tao with Lewis Harrison




Sample Interview Questions

  1.  Do you think the events in your book could happen in America?
  2.  Do you think things will happen exactly as laid out in your book?
  3.  Do you think the crash of the dollar is inevitable?
  4.  Is martial law the only option in the event of a crash?
  5.  Why would the government seize all assets?
  6.  Do you think the government is ready for a major event?
  7.  When do you think this will happen?
  8.  What would you recommend for people to do to prepare for this?
  9.  Do you think God will allow disaster to happen in America?
  10.  How quickly do you think things will happen once it starts?
  11.  Things look like they are improving now, why won’t that continue?
  12.  Why a fiction book rather than an informational one?
  13.  Why don’t more people see this coming?
  14.  What do you think is the root cause of our economic problem?
  15.  Are the Republicans or Democrats to blame for this?
  16.  Can’t we elect someone to fix our problems?
  17.  Why did the dollar go up in the last year or two?

Controversy Points

The government will take over all resources. The people will revolt & keep the government from taking over.
It doesn’t matter a lot who we elect. They are controlled by a few elites anyway. If we elect the right people, they will make America great again.
The National Debt will become toxic and help to sink our country. National debt does not matter, we can create money at will and we owe it to ourselves anyway.
In case of a major crisis, we will face martial law & reduced freedoms. In case of a major crisis, we will have anarchy and people will fight the government.
The major banks could collapse without warning & take depositors money with them. Depositors money is safe in our banks and it is protected by the FDIC.
The U.S. is one of the more dangerous countries to live in if things crash. If things crash, the U.S. is still the safest place to be.
If the U.S. economy crashes, many other countries will still be good places to live. If the U.S. crashes, the rest of the world will go with it.

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