Excerpts From Book

A few excerpts from the book :

The man began, “We are here to update everyone on the progress of the plan and to resolve any difficulties that anyone may be having. For those of you who are new here, I’m sure that it goes without saying that nothing discussed here goes out of this room. You don’t even tell your family. This is for their protection. Does everyone understand?” His voice was completely lacking emotion. It was almost icy; it had no hatred, nor warmth.

After an awkward pause while the man looked around the room, Ken and three others mumbled an affirmative.

“Good,” replied the man in charge. “Now we will brief you on the plan and any updates we have. We have been well aware for many decades that the current system that we have in this country and others is extremely inefficient and unfair to the majority. There is not enough order to it and almost no planning.”

“Some people almost starve, while others live in incredible abundance. Natural resources are exploited and used to pollute the planet. We intend to create a society where things are planned centrally and resources are allocated fairly. People will truly be equal in such a society. People will be assigned to work where they are best suited to work. With this type of central planning our society can rise to a greatness not seen in history. The Mayans had a similar system and they achieved incredible feats for the technology they had at the time.”

“With our technology, we can achieve incredible things with everyone working toward the same goal. The only obstacle in our way at this time is the current system is viewed as working. This will not last long. We have been working for decades to get this country in a position to be ready for change. In order to achieve our goals, we will have to first destroy the existing system. This has been relatively easy to accomplish. Simply by promising people that the government is the answer to all of their problems, they have expected the government to give them more and more.”

“Because of this, we now have the system so overloaded, that it is only a matter of time until we can engineer a crisis that will bring the entire system down. When that happens, we have most of the pieces in place to restore order. It will be inevitable that some casualties will occur, but we have to keep our eye on the goal. The resulting society will be the greatest society ever created and you will be part of the plan.”


That Sunday at church, John was talking to Clem Adkins. “Things are really getting kind of crazy out there with prices and interest rate going up so fast.”

“I agree,” said Clem. “I believe it is part of a conspiracy on the part of some very powerful people. However, there are a lot of good people in this country who won’t stand for it. There is a large group of us who are preparing for another revolution. You really should get a couple of assault rifles and join with us John. We are ready for this.”

“I don’t know,” said John. “I don’t think I am prepared to shoot anybody. I’m not sure I could actually fire on fellow Americans if it came right down to it.”

“Your family’s freedom may depend on it,” replied Clem.

During the service, John thought about their conversation. Soon though, he was drawn into Pastor Rick’s message. He was preaching from Revelation and was talking about the unsettling times they were going through now.

“One thing about the end time prophecies that disturbs me is that I cannot find any mention of a country that closely resembles the United States. If we were a small nation, I could understand that. However, we are the greatest superpower the world has known. It just seems strange that we wouldn’t be mentioned in a major worldwide conflict.”

John gave a lot of thought to what he had to say. He was really concerned about the future for his grandkids and heard so many conflicting ideas about what was going on.

That Sunday, the family all came over for lunch again. Little Jenny captured a lot of attention. She was walking by now and saying, “Mama”. She was such a happy baby. She laughed a lot and caused everyone else to laugh with her.

Samantha and Johnny got attention too, but that was for fighting over their toys. John broke up the fighting by promising four-wheeler rides if they didn’t fight anymore.

Sarah mentioned, “Jeff and I have an anniversary is coming up next week. I want him to take me to Chicago and stay at a fancy hotel and maybe go see a live show. However, he doesn’t seem to want to. I know we have the money. Dad, can you talk some sense into him?”

Before John could speak, Jeff spoke up. “Honey, you know spending money on you isn’t the issue. I would be glad to take you somewhere else or to buy you something nice. “

“Why don’t you want to take her to Chicago?” asked Anna. “Her idea sounds really fun to me.”

“Well,” said Jeff, “I am really concerned about the rising rate of crime in the big cities. I’m even concerned about her going shopping in Peoria by herself. I’ve heard that crime is really bad in some areas.”

“I’ve read that too,” said John. “I wonder what’s causing that. I figured with lots of jobs out there, crime would go down. Do you have any thoughts on that Tommy?”

“I think there are a couple of possible reasons,” answered Tommy. “First of all, unemployment figures only account for people that are looking for work. There are an awful lot of people who are quite contented to just get a check from one of our many social programs. They don’t count as unemployed even though they aren’t working. With inflation as high as it is, they are probably finding it hard to buy food and basic necessities. Because of that, they turn to crime to feed their families.”

“That makes a lot of sense now,” said Greg. “Just last week at church we took up a special offering for some of the older people in the church that were dependent on social security and retirement funds. As I recall, they were really having a hard time making ends meet this year.”

“I can certainly understand how tough they must have it,” responded Abby. “With your new job and my job going well, we are making more than we have ever made, but we don’t ever seem to have any extra money. Everything is just getting so expensive anymore.”

“I’ll second that,” said Anna. “I’m afraid to go to the store anymore. It seems like stuff is higher in price every time I go there. Tommy, you said there were a couple of reasons for crime to go up. What is the other one?”

“I suspect that even those that are working full time are like Greg and Abby.” Tommy said. “They find out that prices are rising faster than their pay is and even though they are working, they can’t get enough money to meet their needs. I am really afraid that in the near future, we could all be in a really tough position. I think things could get a lot worse.”


As soon as they got out of the vehicle, two of the men trained their rifles on John, the others aimed their rifles at the buildings. John instinctively raised his hands. Tommy came out of the barn at that time and another man trained his rifle on him. Tommy followed John’s cue and raised his hands also. The man that appeared to be in charge called to him,  “Please walk towards us slowly! Please keep your hands where we can see them!” When they were about twenty feet away from the driveway, the man said, “That’s far enough, please stop now.”

Then he addressed John, “Are you John Birch?”

John answered to the affirmative. “And who are you?” He asked in the direction of Tommy.

Tommy answered shakily, “I – I’m Tommy Birch. He’s my dad.”

Seemingly satisfied with the answer, he turned again to John. “Is there anyone else here?”

“Yes, my wife Anna is in the house.” John replied.

“Please go get her and have her join us. Two of my men will go with you,” the man said.

John opened the door of the house. He could hear the sweeper running as soon as he opened the door.

“Anna!” he called. There was no response so he called louder, “Anna!!”

The sweeper turned off. “Yeah John, what is it?”

“Could you come out here for a minute?”

As soon as she stepped out of the door, she saw the men with the rifles. She seemed a little stunned and just stood there for a minute. One of the men with a rifle said, “Please keep your hands where we can see them ma’am.”

John gave her a reassuring nod so she raised her hands in front of her.

The man that appeared in charge asked, “Is this everyone?” John nodded affirmatively.

One of the men got a metal detector wand out of the first SUV. He asked everyone to hold their hands out to the side while he ran it all around their bodies. When he was done, two of the men and the woman came forward.

The two men gave John and Tommy a pat down search while the woman searched Anna. Once they were satisfied that none of them were armed, the men with their rifles trained on them lowered the barrels of their weapons.

The man that was in charge said, “My name is Darrell and I will be in charge of this local area. I assume you saw the news about martial law being in effect?”


“If we get caught,” Sarah began hesitantly, “we might never be allowed to see each other again. They might even shoot us.”

Abby stayed silent. The look on her face was very serious. “I’ve thought about most of these things,” said John, “I know the risk we are taking. However, we aren’t living now. If we get caught or killed, that is just something that we have to face then. I don’t believe that God intended us to live this way. We will just have to trust Him to help us succeed.”

“When would you want to do this?” asked Greg

“I think we should start within the next few weeks,” replied John.


It had been so long since they had any of it, it looked so good! It was just a few feet away. John saw a few buildings about a quarter of a mile away. He didn’t see any sign of people anywhere.

Greg came over to him. “What do you think, Dad? I don’t see anyone and some of those veggies would really hit the spot.”

“I don’t know. Something about it just doesn’t feel right,” replied John.

They looked at it for a few more minutes, when something to their left caught their eye. They saw some people coming out of the woods. They headed right into the field and looked like they were gathering as much as they could.

“Hey Dad, I think that is Brian and Rebecca and their kids!” began Greg, “They seem to be doing all right.”

He had no longer said that when about fifty yards past Brian, four men with assault rifles burst out of the woods. “Halt!” they yelled as they aimed at Brian and Rebecca.

Brian raised his hands and the rest of the family followed suit. “Get on the ground!” the men ordered.

Once they were on the ground, the men handcuffed Brian and Rebecca and took them as well as their kids towards the house across the field.

John and Greg didn’t say anything. As John turned, he realized the rest of his family were right there and had seen everything as well. They all realized that there was no way they would have any of those vegetables for supper.

John led the way for another mile or two through the forest until almost dark before they camped for the night. There would be no fire tonight. As they were preparing for sleeping Greg came over to John. “Hey Dad, I have trouble sleeping sometimes. I can’t get the picture of that police officer out of my mind and to know that I did that. I never thought I would ever have to do something like that.”

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