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John is an ordiThe Day The Dollar Died book covernary farmer in the Midwest. He has the same goals and dreams as many other hard working Americans. He loves his family and enjoys what he does to make a living.

He imagines that things will be about the same for his future as they have been for his grandfather and father. He believes that he lives in the freest and greatest country on earth.

However, things are about to change drastically in his life and in the country that he has grown up in. He is notified by a neighbor about the changes that are coming, but he dismisses the warning and doesn’t believe that this could happen in this country.

Just like a Tsunami that travels across the ocean, almost no one sees the danger coming.

However, when it begins to rise up as it nears shore, it threatens to destroy everything in its path!

John and his family face things they never imagined would happen to them in this fast-paced novel. You will learn to sympathize with him and those around him, as forces beyond their control shape their lives.

You will also get a behind the scenes peek at those who are behind these changes and what their motivation is. There are always two sides to every change.

Walk with John as he makes some very tough decisions to protect his family and his family’s future. Some of these decisions have very severe consequences.

As you read this book, it is not too hard to imagine that this could happen to you and to your family. This book is a must read for everyone who is concerned about the direction that this country is taking.


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cc2015 ***** Fantastic read that starts out quite normally… then picks up quickly and will leave you turning pages and unable to put the book down. The book starts off with the life of John, a simple, ordinary farmer… but things change quickly as he ignores the warnings of his neighbor of what is about to happen. I won’t give it away, but that’s when the book really picks up and gets interesting. To me, it was really easy to get into the story and sympathize with John and his family. I also liked the fact that the book made me think… what if what happened in the book really happens in real life? Brilliantly written, and highly recommended.
Amazon Customer **** The motto, “history repeats itself” is absolutely true. My great grandma along with 16 relatives packed up and left Belgium overnight to avoid the Kaizer’s army. We all know about WW II as well, we are delusional to think it wouldn’t, or couldn’t happen here. At the rate this country is going, and this generation of entitlement, we’re headed for a breaking point. Also, there is no way this world is going to be sustainable in the future when it comes to food and population growth. This book is extremely eye opening and scary. We all pray this couldn’t happen, but when we give up our freedoms, whether willingly or unknowingly, we become closer to a Socialist country. The key to not allowing this is to have a voice, elect Americans who have the Constitution as their focus, and to be aware of what’s already been done so we can undo it if need be. We need to always stand united as a country, remain small in government, and work for what we have, buy local (American). The list can go on forever, but most importantly is to never give up our ways of defending ourselves. Once that is gone, anyone can move in and take over, ANYONE…. We also need to keep an eye on our school system and kids, much propaganda has been spread throughout history by teaching it to the children, and then having them bring it home.
D. Mathisen ***** This was a very interesting read. The writer did a really did a good job depicting what it would be like if our economy had triple digit inflation and how, our government socialized all commerce and farming. How the government removed our currency and replaced it with government issued credits for purchases. This book was particularly interesting because it depicted a situation that could actually happen in our current society. I would highly recommend this book.
Scott Manning ***** This guy is the real deal. I mean this book is incredible. My mind is opened and my bags are packed. If you ever worry and care about your future and others controlling it you are in for a provocative read right here. Thank you Master Baynes.